Keno Combination Tickets

Not many people would be aware about the exact meaning of keno combo tickets. As the name itself suggests, these are combination tickets that allow the player the opportunity of winning in more ways just by using one single ticket. In simple words instead of buying different tickets for different variants of keno games, these keno combo tickets allow the user to play the various games just by using one combined ticket. Further buying these combination tickets works out much cheaper than the ordinary single tickets and hence many players would not mind going in for these keno combo tickets. Those who understand the concept of split tickets would be able to comprehend these combination tickets better. In split tickets a number of straight wagers can be combined and used in a single ticket and this is the main policy on which these keno combination tickets have been designed.

However on has to have a clear understanding of these combination tickets to take full advantage of it. One has to understand that in these combination tickets it is possible to pool together quite a few number of straight bets into the same ticket. This could be one more reason why there is such a huge popularity for these keno combo tickets. To make the matter further clear, the following example could be worth considering.

If for example you have a player who has purchased 3, 5, and 9 as the numbers in the combination ticket, he could make use of the number separately or they could be played together or these could be split into two or more. For example ticket number 3, 5 and 9 can be played separately or could be combined as 3 and 5 or 5 and 9 and so on. This is the reason why these keno combo tickets are so much sought after.